Isleta Elementary School (A Bureau Operated School)

Our Vision, Mission, & Values

BIE Vision:

The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) is the preeminent provider of culturally relevant educational services and supports provided by highly effective educators to students at BIE-funded schools to foster lifelong learning.

BIE Mission:


Provide students at BIE-funded schools with a culturally relevant, high-quality education that prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to flourish in the opportunities of tomorrow, become healthy and successful individuals, and lead their communities and sovereign nations to a thriving future that preserves their unique cultural identities.

BIE Core Values:


BIE employees carry out the mission to achieve the vision through guiding organizational principles underpinning how the work will be successfully accomplished.


  • Excellence: The BIE achieves success through continuous self-assessment and improvement.
  • Focus: The BIE is student-centered, a commitment to addressing the holistic needs of students.
  • Integrity: The BIE maintains high standards of character and professionalism as the foundation upon which the agency is built.
  • Respect: The BIE fosters communities of support through mutual regard and collaboration.
  • Service: The BIE supports students through proactive and responsive teamwork with schools, Tribes, and communities.

IES Vision:


Isleta Elementary School will educate the whole child based on our core community values so each child has the knowledge and skills to be successful.

IES Mission:


Isleta Elementary School provides opportunities to inspire educational success!

IES Community Core Values:


  • Respect
  • Honor
  • Courage
  • Wisdom
  • Tiwa
  • Culture

Eagle PRIDE Pledge


I pledge today to do my best

In Reading, Math, and all the rest.

I will follow all the rules

In my class and in school.

I'm responsible, respectful, and safe, too;

I'll give my best in all I do.

Today I'll try my best to soar;

I'm an Isleta Eagle to the core!



Who are we? 

Isleta Eagles!

What do eagles do?


Where do eagles SOAR?

Beyond the clouds!