Our Community

A Brief History of the IES Campus and Design


Built in 2006, visual interconnectedness is what you will find as you walk through the doors of Isleta Elementary School. 

Every aspect of the school, from the tile colors and placement, to the directional stationing of the front, help honor and set the representation of the rich cultural history and tradition of the Pueblo of Isleta, as viewed from our Elders, Parents, Staff Members, and Students.  

As you enter the building and as you glance up, you will see a flock of geese flying North, telling us it is time to plant.  This was a thoughtful gift from the interior designer.  Walk into the courtyard, and you will find two cisterns that collect rainwater that is to be used in the school garden and the landscaping throughout the school grounds.  Cross over the bridge and you will be led to the gymnasium, which is a generous building designed for students/community gatherings and celebrations.

Lively green is the color scheme used to represent the primary wing (lower grades K-3), where our planting, cultivating, and watering is done.  The blue tiles represent the water and the purple tiles represent the mountains.  This is a place where our students sprout and are nourished like a tender plant reaching the sun. 

The warm fall orange and tan colors are in the intermediate wing (upper grades 4-6), which represent the harvest.  This is a place for our older students to collect knowledge and to mature.  The subdued color scheme is welcoming and calming.

Tile placement throughout the playground area adds to represent the Rio Grande, a river that has sustained life for hundreds of years.

Recently, a traditional outdoor horno was built.  This is a place to bake, gather, and feast on homemade treats, made by students and staff.

Dekker, Perich, Sabatini Architectural Firm, ensured that the history and tradition of Isleta Pueblo would be witnessed by all who walk through our school doors.

Thank you to Benjamin Gardner and Sunjay for explaining the thought process and dedication that went into the construction of our school campus!

In 2006, this school campus was voted #7 in architectural design in the country!